Thursday, December 30, 2004

Task one

Based on the exact coordinates of the biggest earthquakes since 1900 ,

Try to establish the exact location of the 5th Earthquake (see picture below)

Good luck,


Tsunami Project - objectives

As I have said before, I am not a scientist and I need your help in establishing a solution to a number of riddles that I have came across so far.

Therefore, I am establishing this site and the Tsunami Project, with an ultimate objective to:

a) Establish an exact location of the 5th Earthquake - the one that completes the picture of the Pentagram.

b) Determine the potential date of this event.

c) Within 3 years time (2005 - 2007) organize an expedition to a determined location, creating a photo- and video- documentation of the site. What we will find there - is at this moment unknown.

In order to realize the above-mentioned objectives, a strong Team is required with dedicated, open-minded people from all over the world, looking for the adventure of their life.

If you are interested in joining us, please try to answer the question of the Task 1 (see above), and contact me with your answer at Please also provide me with a short description of yourself. Remember, that your age, sex, colour, religion etc. will never be a restriction in joining the Tsunami Project.

I am really sorry, but at this moment I cannot reveal my personality.
That may come later.
Therefore, you don't have to provide me with your real name either.
I think it's fair that way.

The world is waiting for YOU.


Tsunami Project Coordinator

Tsunami Project - disclaimer

First of all, I am not scientist and I am not going to pretend that I am.
Second, I know exactly that all those drawings may be a pure coincindence.
Third, I am not going to try to make you believe that the end of the world is coming and that the next earthquake will be the final one.

As the matter of fact, at this moment, I don't want to believe it in either.

The only problem that I have since I have made this drawing - due to a reason that is still unknown to me - is the one and only thought that keeps repeating in my head over and over.

This thought is ... What if this is true?

This may be a location of next disaster

... just look what happens if you add two more lines ...
After connecting remaining sites, you can see a triangle ...
If you connect all Northern ones, you can clearly see the first sign ... a lightbolt
A map of top 11 earthquakes since 1900

11 world biggest earthquakes since 1900

Source: USGS National Earthquake Information Center

Location Date Magnitude Coordinates

1. Chile 1960 05 22 9.5 38.24 S 73.05 W
2. Prince William Sound, Alaska 1964 03 28 9.2 61.02 N 147.65 W
3. Andreanof Islands, Alaska 1957 03 09 9.1 51.56 N 175.39 W
4. Kamchatka 1952 11 04 9.0 52.76 N 160.06 E
5. Off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra 2004 12 26 9.0 3.30 N 95.78 E
6. Off the Coast of Ecuador 1906 01 31 8.8 1.0 N 81.5 W
7. Rat Islands, Alaska 1965 02 04 8.7 51.21 N 178.50 E
8. Assam - Tibet 1950 08 15 8.6 28.5 N 96.5 E
9. Kamchatka 1923 02 03 8.5 54.0 N 161.0 E
10. Banda Sea, Indonesia 1938 02 01 8.5 5.05 S 131.62 E
11. Kuril Islands 1963 10 13 8.5 44.9 N 149.6 E

The beginning

At least 114,000 people are so far reported dead around southern Asia and as far away as Somalia on Africa's eastern coast, most killed by massive tsunamis that smashed coastlines after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake off Indonesia's coast on Sunday, December 26, 2004.